A Monitored Alarm Without Call Charges

Having monitoring set up on your alarm doesn’t have to mean
line rental costs and call charges for setting and unsetting your alarm. New
technology means signals can be sent wirelessly to the existing alarm receiving
center. Simply have a Digi Air device fitted to your existing panel, and there
is no need for traditional wired connections for alarm communications.
Communications sent by the Digi Air device are free, with just a small
installation fee.
Not only could the Digi air save you money, but it is more
secure and reliable than the traditional unit that required BT lines. The new
Digi Air is fitted with a universal SIM card, meaning it can connect to all 4
major UK mobile networks –if one drops out, it will simply switch to the next
available network.
If you are interested in upgrading your existing system ,
please contact us on 01489 786555 to discuss how you can benefit from this
innovative and reliable product.