Non Security Uses for CCTV

Of course, CCTV is essential for identifying persons who may
pose a threat to security, and deterring criminal activity, but CCTV has many
other uses too.
For example, CCTV can be used for quality control and
monitoring. Managers can check CCTV to ensure work is being carried out
correctly, and employees are arriving to work on time.
CCTV cameras can also be used for marketing information.
CCTV in a shop, for example, will allow you to see which areas of the shop gets
most foot traffic, which displays get the most attention, and which demographic
your shop draws in. This can help you to create better layout, displays, and
targeted advertising.

CCTV can also allow you to monitor things such as queue
length and parking availability and react accordingly by opening more tills or
overflow parking.