Twitter Tips Roundup 2

We have posted more security tips on twitter, here is a list of them below.
  • Don’t leave windows open when you are out or in another room
  • Don’t leave valuables such as laptops within sight of windows
  • Don’t leave your keys in the door, these can be taken through a letterbox or catflap
  • Don’t leave tools etc outside your home or in the garden
  • Make your property number or name clear for the emergency services to find easily
  • When going out at night, leave lights on to make it look like you are in and deter thieves
  • Keep spare keys in a secure place within your property
  • Run lights on timer switches when you are on holiday so the lights come on at night to make it appear someone’s home
  • If your mail can be seen through a window in the door, ask someone to move this for you while you are on holiday so it looks like the property is occupied
  • Lock away important documents like deeds, wills etc in a safe to avoid identity theft
  • Never leave a spare key under a doormat etc. If you want a spare key outside of your property in case you’re locked out, it is much better to use a combination lockbox out of view or leave it with a nearby friend or family member.
  • Don’t give too much away on social media, and make sure only trusted people can view what you’re saying.
  • Always lock doors even when popping out for a few minutes
  • Don’t be tempted to leave the door open even if getting something from the car – thieves are quick
  • Ensure a door cannot be opened from the outside through an open window etc.
  • If you’re not taking your car on holiday, ask someone you trust to move it occasional to make your home look occupied.