Weekly Fire Alarm Testing

Do you know how to complete the weekly fire alarm test?

  1. Each week a manual call point should be operated during normal working hours.  The purpose of the test is to ensure that the fire alarm control panel(s) operate correctly, fire alarms sounders operate correctly and that the correct signals are received by the Alarm Receiving Centre (if applicable).
  2. The weekly test should be carried out at the same time each week and a different manual call point should be operated each time so that all manual call points will be tested on rotation.  The duration that the fire alarm sounders are allowed to operate for should not exceed one minute so that occupants within the building will not mistake a “test” alarm for a “genuine” alarm.
  3. If the premises operate a “shift” system for its employees, then additional tests will need to be carried out at different times to ensure that all employees are familiar with the sound of the fire alarm.
  4. The record of the tests should be entered in the Fire System Log Book.

If you need any guidance with performing the tests or how to complete the Fire System Log Book, please contact Axis Fire & Security Services Ltd.